The United Goal

Celebrating victories
amid hardship

Helping families prevail during times of crisis

If you’ve ever experienced a time of crisis and an angel in disguise stepped in to provide a loan, a warm meal, or even just a listening ear, you know how life-saving it can be when the right help arrives at the right time. 

Similarly, if no help was forthcoming, you certainly remember how devastating it can be to be left to flounder alone.

“The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.”
-Albert Einstein

At The United Goal we’ve made it our mission to provide temporary support to help families in crisis push through despite the bumpy ride.

We can’t heal the victim of an accident

But we can provide cleaning help twice a week.

We can’t save a failing marriage

But we can pay for a mediator or marital therapist.

We can’t change a leukemia diagnosis

But we can send a hot meal three times  a week.

We can’t resolve substance abuse

But we can support traumatised family members.

These are just a sampling of the struggles faced by some of The United Goal’s beneficiaries.

No one is immune to the vicissitudes of life.
Crises hit without discrimination.
And often, without warning. 

Whether it’s a:

Critical Illness
Difficult Divorce
Severe poverty
Violence or Abuse
Mental Health Crisis

Situations like these can topple the infrastructure of even the strongest of families—more so when there is little to no support!

Often, there is a chain reaction of:


Mounting stress and tension,

which typically causes irritability, anger, insomnia, and feelings of sadness and despair.


Difficulty coping,

which may result in breakdowns in family routines, arguments, trouble with simple tasks, disruptions in sleeping and eating patterns, overwhelming feelings, the depletion of personal energy, and signs of distress.


Difficulty meeting basic family responsibilities,

which may mean that they are unable to provide sufficient food, shelter, clothing, health care, nurturance, protection, and/or education.


Phase one


We know how challenging it can be to admit the need for support. With that in mind, we’ve simplified the application process and put extensive privacy measures in place to retain the dignity of all involved.

Every crisis; another story. When a family reaches out for assistance we evaluate the situation carefully and assess which of our services will best support their needs and provide maximum relief.

Phase TWO


Phase three


Once we’ve outlined a roadmap towards success we implement the plan and provide the support required.

Emergency situations tend to fluctuate with different forms of support taking centre stage at different times. Throughout the process, we regularly reevaluate the situation to ensure we continue to provide appropriate relief.

Phase four


Phase five


Once the peak of the crisis is over we slowly diminish our involvement and take a backseat approach, allowing the family to recoup their strength and hit the road running again.

Eliana T.

“I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am for your support. Being unable to provide for the basic needs of our family was heartbreaking! Once our children were eating well on a regular basis again they became so much happier and their teachers reported that they were learning better, too!”
Ben R.

“When one has been forced to sleep on hard flooring for so long, the comfort of a bed seems almost luxurious. Your extensive support has been life-saving. You’ve changed our lives immeasurably!”
Deborah Smith

“The meals have been magical for us! The children are much happier now and Jacob is more relaxed than he’s been since my diagnosis. Your assistance is truly invaluable.”


Several families are in urgent
need of help!
Their story hasn’t ended
quite so well… yet.
Can you help us re-write their story?
R. Davis

“Now that David is stabilized on medication we look back at the past few months and marvel at the huge impact you’ve had on our life. My wife and I thank you. Our children thank you. Your work is truly life-saving!”
Sarah Kay

“Looking back I can see that the grief counselling was a real turning point in our lives, and in combination with your other support, it helped us look towards the future in a more positive frame of mind. Thank you!”
“Helping people boost themselves out of poverty is the best way to make a lasting, positive difference in a person’s life.”
-Naveen Jain

Every application—a story—a life!

Another link in the human chain.

Be the hero in their story and help them write a better ending.

A happier ending. A more lucrative and successful ending.

Not a means to an end, but a start to a better future.

Join us today and help us propel disadvantaged individuals towards a more independent and successful life.