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As a group, we observed families falling apart during times of crisis and we noticed how challenges associated with poverty, health and education, greatly exacerbated the situation. Very often, difficulties that may have been brewing under the surface during regular times, suddenly explode in intensity and topple the infrastructure of even the strongest of families—particularly during holiday periods, the start of a new school year and upon a life-changing event in the family.

Whether it’s the loss of a loved one, critical illness, a difficult divorce, severe poverty or a harrowing experience of another kind, it leaves an indelible imprint on all those involved.

As young parents ourselves, we know how detrimental a family crisis can be to the wellbeing of young children and other members of the family. How could we ignore the sad eyes of vulnerable children? The vacant look on the faces of parents just like us? Their silent pleas for help spoke louder than any words ever could, and so, in April 2019 we united to improve the quality of life for families in crisis and the United Goal was born.

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In considering the best way forward, we realized that by the time a family approaches a charity for support, they’ve accrued so many urgent needs that a mere donation will do little to alleviate the situation. When they receive a grant they feel torn about how best to make use of the grant they’ve received. 

There are so many conflicting needs vying for attention. Each important in their own right.

The kids are hungry. Utility bills are long overdue. Nobody has weather appropriate clothing. Jason needs a carer. Sarah has run out of her cancer medication. Little Ben is suffering from PTSD. Ella has fallen well below grade-level. Rebecca needs rehabilitation equipment so she can recover from her accident. Oliver is begging to join a really cool class trip that was promised a while back.

Where to begin?!

Would you buy bread, pay the electric bill or purchase warm coats for your school-aged children?

Would you employ a carer, buy much-needed medication or send a child to a trauma therapist?

Would you get a classroom tutor, buy rehabilitation equipment or pay for an important school trip?

These are difficult decisions
you should never have to make.

But indeed, these are true-to-life situations
faced by your relative, neighbour or friend.

When the need is so great, funds get swallowed up in no time and a cycle of debt and despair sets in.

To avoid painful scenarios such as these we resolved to provide concrete assistance in the form of tangible support that provides rapid relief. We assist service users with actual clothing and food in a respectable manner. We also offer financial support through our voucher and gift-card programme, which allows the family to make other much-needed purchases from pre-arranged stores in their locale. This maximises the

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You can save a family, too. Join us today and transform frowns to smiles in an instant.