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Eliana T.

working mom of 7


My husband and I were both employed and we were living comfortably. However, in mid-2019 our daughter developed a complicated medical issue that required costly intervention and things began to spiral out of control. At first, we managed, but once we’d drained our savings we found ourselves pinching pennies. We were spending so much on little Rebecca that after paying rent, utilities and tuition, there was very little left for food. 

We tried to stretch our food supply as much as possible, but with two adults and seven children there was never enough and the children complained incessantly. They weren’t used to eating so little and in truth, it was little by anyone’s standard! We were lacking basic nutrients and naturally, we all felt irritable. Our home wasn’t a happy place and when the children began to complain of headaches and the teachers reported that they weren’t focused in class, we knew something would have to change. But how?


One day I came across a flyer from The United Goal. We immediately got in touch and explained our predicament and for the next couple of months, during that rough period, we received weekly food vouchers so we could buy food for the family. 

I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am for your support. Being unable to provide for the basic needs of our family was heartbreaking! Once our children were eating well on a regular basis again they became so much happier. They began to look healthier and their teachers reported that they were learning better, too!

Deborah Smith

Cancer Patient


During my chemotherapy treatments the family was in shambles. Jacob tried to hold down the fort at home but he was stretched too thin and they were all sorely missing the nutritious, home-cooked meals that I used to prepare. 

After spending the day with me at the hospital, Jacob returned home to the children too weary to do anything. He barely managed to give the children a quick supper of cereal and milk before sending them up to the bed. The new status quo was disheartening. The children felt hungry, neglected and sad, and they were becoming withdrawn. It was hard for both of us to see them suffer, physically and emotionally, but we were hardly holding it together ourselves.


As soon as The United Goal was apprised of the situation, you got in touch with a local eatery and arranged for hot, nutritious meals to be delivered to our home three evenings a week.

The meals have been magical for us! The children are much happier now and Jacob is more relaxed than he’s been since my diagnosis. Your assistance is truly invaluable.

father of mentally challenged teen

R. Davis


When our 15-year-old son, David, went through a mental health crisis, everything changed. My wife and I became stressed and anxious, and our younger children lived in constant fear of his unpredictable outbursts. Three-year-old Rachel developed nervous tics, Nine-year old Sam began bedwetting, and the entire atmosphere at home became chaotic.

I worked during the afternoon hours but was regularly called home to tackle David’s violence. When I arrived home my wife would inevitably be trying to calm him, while the children cowered in fear at the other end of the house. 

Life was far from ok. My boss was unhappy about my frequent breaks during work and my wife was so busy caring for David, she had no time or energy to do anything else. Forget cooking, forget laundry, forget being a loving mother. Our life was falling apart!


That’s when a friend told us about The United Goal. Being in touch with your caring volunteers was like a balm to my soul. They quickly evaluated our situation and within a short time they’d arranged for us to see a mental health professional under the NHS, and provided much-needed home help for a number of weeks until the worst was over. 

Now that David is stabilized on medication we look back at the past few months and marvel at the huge impact you’ve had on our life. My wife and I thank you. Our children thank you. Your work is truly life-saving!

Son of elderly father

Ben R.


When my elderly father took ill, I picked up the family and made a cross-Atlantic move in order to care for him up-close. 
I had no idea how we would manage, but dad needed me and it was the right thing to do. 
We rented a small place in London, but there was no furniture. No beds. No table and chairs. No household basics. But we were in crisis mode and there was no time to think. 
While I cared for my father, my wife found a job—and though it covered our rent and some basics, it was wholly insufficient. We slept on blankets on the floor, sat on upturned boxes and lived with the bare minimum for several months. By that time I developed severe back pain from sleeping on the hard floor, and the exhaustion was evident on all of us. Somehow, word of our situation got out and The United Goal were alerted.


As soon as you were apprised of our situation, The United Goal arranged for us to have beds delivered the very next day. You subsequently arranged for other basic furniture and household essentials from various sources.

When one has been forced to sleep on hard flooring for so long, the comfort of a bed seems almost luxurious. Your extensive support has been life-saving. You’ve changed our lives immeasurably!

young widow

Sarah Kay


I can still remember the call in vivid detail. The police called to notify us that Ben was airlifted to hospital after sustaining serious injuries in a car accident. I was numb. Too shocked to cry. I moved about mechanically, packing some stuff for our two-year-old twins so I could drop them off at a friend before heading to the hospital. But then, before I had a chance to leave, another call came. Ben hadn’t survived the journey. It was all over.

My husband of seven years was gone. Forever. And on that day, a part of me died too. I cried like my life depended on it. There was no consoling me. Friends flitted in and out, trying to help out when they could, but the next few weeks were a blur. Between taking care of the kids and facing our new reality… I was a mess.


One day, a call came from The United Goal. You’d heard about my situation and you wanted to help. I was skeptical at first—I felt beyond repair. But you were so gentle, so understanding, that I felt myself thaw. You sponsored the cost of grief counselling for both myself and the children. You helped us pay for groceries until I felt ready to return to work, and you allowed each of my children to choose a gift “from their father”. 

Looking back I can see that the grief counselling was a real turning point in our lives, and in combination with your other support, it helped us look towards the future in a more positive frame of mind. Thank you!

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